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Whistle racer series 2

Whistle racer series 2

Following in series 1 the Metallic range is out in series 2!

Hearing your whistleracer whistle at you as you use lung power to propel it at an incredible spreed across the floor or on your own track set has always been cool!

End of 2013, Whistle Racers were finally launched at a retailer trade show in Johannesburg, South Africa. The show was specifically to demonstrate the product and get market awareness, but ended up more than that! The reaction from the public (especially the kids) was AMAZING!!! We ended up selling thousands of Whistle Racers on the spot. The orders are increasing daily and International distribution channels are in place.

The action of blowing increases blood circulation to the brain, which aids improved concentration. Deep breathing increased lung capacity. Blowing also helps with asthma and helps prevent anxiety attacks. Generally a paediatric pulmonologist would recommend a child to put a straw into a glass and blow bubbles. Now a child can simply blow a Whistle Racer to get the same results!

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    Choose between the following:
    Smokin Burnout, Wild Beast, Super Shadow, Midnight Thunder, Lightning Blitz, Extreme Power, Flying Spitfire and Furious Hulk
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